The time is coming for the official launch of Clement Canopy! This new development at Clementi Ave 1 is built by Singland and UOL Venture Investments. Over the past months, there has been much hype about the lush greenery that this condo presents its residents.

Looking at the artists’ impressions of the condo, we could easily tell that residents’ mornings will be greeted with sights of bushes and overhanging leaves. This greenery is not just limited to the periphery of the condo, but along all the condo’s facilities. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was the periodic leaf falling on my head as I chill out at the pool.

Advantages of living at The Clement Canopy

The great advantage to this would be the perpetual shelter from the scorching Singapore sun. I agree that it probably increases the humidity, but at least you’ll be able to maintain your fair complexion.

The Clement Canopy Exterior

Green lovers will be drawn to The Clement Canopy for more than just its interior foliage. Nearby lies the Ulu Pandan Park Connector Network – another green adventure to be had for you and your family. You can easily plan for weekend cycling trips with your family to keep fit, bond, and explore Singapore’s nature on wheels. This definitely beats lazing at home watching TV and playing on your mobile devices.

The large canal near Clement Canopy runs through Clementi, and presents a wonderful running route if you’re looking to keep in shape. If you’re putting on weight, or knows someone at home who is, the beauty and allure of this running path will make your case a whole lot stronger.

I haven’t even started on the nearby shopping destinations that residents will quickly fall in love with. Clementi Mall and the occasional trip to Jurong East will bring you a whole host of conveniences. Your daily dining, shopping, and grocery needs will easily be fulfilled with these options nearby.

Furthermore, Jurong East is slated to be the hub of the West. There are currently healthcare, CPF, office and transportation functions located in the area. What’s more is that trio of shopping centres around Jurong East MRT station – JCube, Westgate, and JEM. If you’re looking for more affordable options, BIG BOX and IMM Outlet mall are in close proximity too. What’s better is the fact that they’re all connected via linkbridges so you don’t have to brave the elements while on your browsing marathon. In addition, there’s a free shuttle bus from JCube that brings you to IMM (which is a little further away).

Given that Clementi is just one stop away from Jurong East MRT, I’m confident that you’ll find this journey as convenient as I do. However, if you’re looking for Clementi’s gems, there are numerous local food delights in coffee shops and Clementi’s hawker centre. You can easily search hungrygowhere for local food recommendations a stroll away from The Clement Canopy.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit the showflat as soon as possible!